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Christian T. Grey
“Find someone who will tremble for your touch, someone whose fingers are a poem.”

“Find someone who will tremble for your touch, someone whose fingers are a poem.”

What's it like to be a dominant? I am just learning how to be dominant towards my girlfriend and I am using her Tumblr. - Brandon

It’s liberating. I often feel like an experienced artist. But instead of paint and brush, I hold whips, paddles, floggers or just my bare hand, my tongue, my teeth. Instead of a canvas, I use a woman’s naked body, exposed to my darkest desires. I spank, bite, pinch. I use and abuse them until I’m sated. Until I make sure my marks won’t leave their smooth skin anytime soon. Each experience is saved in my memories, framed and hanging from countless imaginary walls. I have quite a collection here.

I know what you want, girl. I can see it in your eyes… I know what you need and I’m ready to give it to you. Now bend over my knees and take it.

I know what you want, girl. I can see it in your eyes… I know what you need and I’m ready to give it to you. Now bend over my knees and take it.

What's it like??

I beg your pardon?

Beautiful, isn’t she? (@BlueEyedAllure)

Beautiful, isn’t she? (@BlueEyedAllure)